Eye See You by Sophie Losinski

Opening Night: Friday, Feb. 25th from 7-10pm
Show runs from February 25th – March 6th, 2022

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Sophia Losinski was born in the United Kingdom, lived a short while in the West Indies, and spent most of her formative years growing up in Toronto; recently settling in the wonderfully eclectic city of Hamilton. Her cultural background and exposure to incredible worlds of diversity has enriched her experiences. She weaves her vast collection of memories and observations into delightful stories and works of art.

As an autodidact Sophia has spent over four decades experimenting with inherent talent – finally embracing her artistic legacy. She is the granddaughter of world-renowned Sculptor Alvin T. Marriott. Though impelled by her grandfather to ‘keep drawing,’ life got in the way until recently when an internal creative fire was reignited.

Sophia has been obsessed with eyes, as is clear in her early artwork. She believes they are portals to the human psyche. Join us for her experiential exhibit, “Eye See You” – an external and internal inquiry into what we see, how we see, and how we judge ourselves and others. Included in this exhibit is her haunting Dementia portrait series. A part of proceeds from the sale of this series will be donated to the Alzheimer Society of Ontario (ASO).