A group show curated by  JULIANNA BIERNACKI and  JILL LETTEN.


Opening Night: Friday, February 10th from 7-10pm
Show runs from February 10th – February 26th, 2023

Golden hour represents a time of day where light is cut with long shadows. Colours of the day are cast into tones of oranges and reds balanced with the dark cool tones of blues and purples. A time of day where reflection is not only in light, but also in introspection. A fleeting moment of warmth alluding to a timeless night. This exhibition brings together a collective of artists who interpret this daily reset in their own styles and mediums. Each artist depicts a setting of another sun preparing for a tomorrow that does not yet exist. Golden hour is not confined by space, it swells into inside spaces just as much as outdoor spaces, creating a soft glow of light warming the interior once more before night. 

1165 Cannon Street East, Hamilton, ON

Gallery is open is open to the public Wed – Sun 12-5pm. No appointment necessary. 


Jeff Hayward
Jeff Hayward is a writer and visual artist based in Hamilton, Ontario. He studied the fundamentals of illustration and photography at Ontario’s prestigious Sheridan College, and later earned a diploma in print journalism from Centennial College in Toronto. Over his career, he has experimented with several mediums, including drawing and photography, while exploring digital art more heavily during the pandemic. Most recently, he has been experimenting with artificially generated art (AI) as a muse for his writing and digital creations. He draws his creative inspiration largely from his daily observations. He believes art bridges the gap between imagination and reality, and that reflecting on art makes us human. 

Mikey Gracie
Michael Gracie is an artist based in Hamilton, Ontario. He discovered art as an adult, working with textiles through the solitude of lockdowns. His training as a data scientist has developed a through-line to his art by embracing the geometric regularities and irregularities of quilting. He explores this tradition, seeking to celebrate the rich history of repeated motifs & patterns, while weaving modern inspirations into the medium.

Stewart Milne
Stewart Milne was born in Toronto in 1986 and has since settled in Hamilton, Ontario. He works with paint, music and poetry to convey what he calls, “the obvious and accidental language of our experiences.” Largely self-taught in all aspects of his creative work, he has found a purpose for strong colours and shapes to dress the world on his canvases. Stewart uses people and the things that their homes and spaces consist of to tell his dream-like stories. Part confessional, part surreal. The freedom he takes with his work lands it in a relatable context where the subject is to be observed. Past artists like Piet Mondrian and Keith Haring have used similarly focused means of speaking to the observer. He curiously says, “I can’t tell you what is next and thank god for that.” 

Zoe Pinnell
Zoe Pinnell is a ceramicist based in Hamilton, ON. She’s a graduate of Sheridan College and has attended residencies across Canada. Zoe’s work consists of sculptural and functional handbuilt objects that are decorated with colourful glazes, slips, and illustrations. She is influenced by historical patterns, tchotchke objects, and floral motifs. Her highly decorative work will bring you on a journey through the growth and interaction of gardens while meeting the creatures that reside in them. 

Javan Wellum
Javan Wellum was born in Sarnia, Ontario in 1996 and has resided in Hamilton since 2003. He has been oil painting since 2018 when he discovered his love for the medium during his BFA studies at McMaster University. Javan is interested in how a person’s sense of self is cultivated by their everyday environment. The quiet wisdom of routine, in the brief moments when people are able to transcend the cruelty of existence and come in contact with the peace of God which is beyond all understanding. 

Sasha Napoli
Drawing inspiration from everyday experiences, a wide variety of literature and an inexplicable affinity for bananas and bums, Napoli’s paintings are concerned with taking familiar subjects and placing them into vivid, often abstracted environments, enclosed within the frame of a canvas. Throughout this process she questions the threshold between the painterly mark and the creation of an entire image; by manipulating the viscosity and transparency of the paint, mark-making, materiality and colour become the basis of her paintings. It is through a gradual process of layering and continuously re-visiting pieces that Napoli slowly constructs vibrant, dynamic images.

Although these subjects may seem mundane or comical, each one becomes far more significant as it is translated into a painting. It represents a questioning of the way we move through the world; our judgements; what we value or fixate on; a fleeting thought. Ultimately, these paintings become a representation of Napoli’s experiences of life, a way of sharing these menial moments that resonate with her through a medium other than language. 

Bernadine Van Renne
Bernadine Van Renne takes her preoccupation with people and stories and translates that into figurative paintings, drawings, monoprints and most recently, animations. Her practice is based on constant experimentation, exploring people’s vulnerabilities and their unique qualities in a loose style often tinged with humour. She had a fire lit in her for art while getting her BA from the University of Waterloo, Canada, In English Literature and Art History, and at the Byam Shaw School of Art, London, England, where she received a Diploma in Fine Art Foundation, as well as classes at the Slade School of Art, the Royal Watercolour Society, and Central St Martin’s School of Art, all in London, England as well. She has made her way back to her hometown of Brantford, Ontario, where she continues to experiment with her art practice.

Luke Phillips
Phillips graduated from OCADU’s illustration program in 2021. He lives in Hamilton, and enjoys printmaking, comics, and creepy-crawlies. His work typically focuses on themes of gender, trauma, sexuality, and alienation. 

Shea Chang
Shea Chang is a visual artist and educator working in the cross-bred processes of drawing, painting, and sculpture. She is currently based in Hamilton and is an Assistant Professor of Illustration at OCAD University.

“Through engagement with chance and systems of control, I generate visual worlds through processes of mutation, mimicry, delineation, and dissolution. Uncanny amalgamations of optical, physical, and material are brought together to question the thresholds between all things, organisms, animals, and humans, uncovering hidden entanglements in which we all exist.”

Ciara Premi
Drawing is the precursor to all my work, everything I make starts as a sketchbook page. I actively use exercises which inhibit my ability to control the outcome, often drawing with my eyes closed or allowing pages to stamp onto each other. Through this practice, I let go of the expectation of precision and use it to capture a feeling of awkwardness that I associate with being alive. I use these as a reference for punch needled textile work and larger-than-life drawings. These mediums which involve lengthy processes, allow me to spend a lot of time with the work, forming new connections naturally through revisiting ideas that were made quickly.

Jill Letten
Jill Letten is an artist from Hamilton, Ontario. In 2021 she was accredited with a BFA from McMaster University’s Studio Arts program. She is a contemporary realist painter creating acrylic paintings that visualise realistic, and sometimes surrealistic, environments. She draws visual inspiration from the aesthetic of mid-century advertisements, examining the visuals of social euphoria and the idyllic gaze, finding interest in the recurring presence of an ephemeral “perfectionism” being used to mask the harsh realities of life. She depicts such spectacle through figurative painting to capture the human nuance behind the masked façade.

Julianna Biernacki
Julianna Biernacki is an emerging artist from Welland, ON who is currently residing in Hamilton, ON. She recently obtained her BFA from McMaster University as well as a minor in English and Literature. Biernacki’s practice pivoted from painting to textiles in the form of handmade tufted rugs. Her work surrounds themes of voyeurism, display and spying, and how we want others to perceive our personal image. She likes to use the motif of a window frame in her familiarly surreal work as the window both invites a closer look while simultaneously creating distance between audience and imagery. Biernacki intends to blur the lines between inside and outside space and observer and participant and have the viewer reflect on which side of the window they are peering into or out on.