Joy?! / Sin with Chris Hall and Steven James

Opening Night: Friday, July 8th from 7-10pm
Show runs from July 8th – July  31st, 2022

Gallery is open is open to the public Wed – Sun 12-5pm. No appointment necessary. 
View the exhibit virtually here:

Joy?! by “Professor” Christopher Hall

Using realistic imagery infused with absurdity, this series conveys a humorous look at
life through the ailment of the psyche, demonstrating the connection between mental illness
and the smiling face presented to the world. Joy?! is the parody of an outwardly happy
appearance and the fragility of the self underneath. instagram  / facebook


Sin: An Ode To a Ghost by “Mister” Steven James

Sin is a journey of self exploration. Hungry ghosts afflicted with insatiable desires,
obsessed with chasing the need to feed the void inside them. Forever chasing.

Explore Sin through the eyes of enlightenment or flagellation and discover…Which ghost are you?